Testimonials to the work of Bob Hyatt & Hyatt on Property

The testimonials are drawn from national & regional organisations with varied property interests. They also show how Bob Hyatt brings results & solutions to work across the spectrum of markets & sectors.

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  • Fenwall Investments Ltd
    Property company with a national portfolio

    Bob Hyatt has made key contributions to the development & management of our national property portfolio, over many years.

    He has sourced & negotiated acquisitions successfully. And, brought high skills to action on tenancies & to services needed in the ongoing management of all the properties.

    His work has not only protected the interests of the Company, but also succeeded in adding value throughout the portfolio by insight & professional action.

    We value his services highly.

    Christine Blackford, Director

  • Blueoak Estates
    Developers, across Northern Regions

    Bob Hyatt brings high skills to a range of professional services on property, which he provides to the Group.

    We value his actions on seeking opportunities for development, redevelopment & conversion.

    Also, recent actions on Affordable Housing & Ground Rents have been successful.

    Ian Maclean, Managing Director

  • MacLaren & Partners
    National Property Company

    Bob Hyatt is making a valuable contribution to acquisitions & sales in our national property strategy, through consultancy & support on major transactions.

    Duncan MacLaren, Partner

  • Landmark Investments
    National Property Company

    Bob has been a joy to work with for some time on ground rent transactions & completions. He is a thorough professional.

    Ben Ogunby, Director

  • Harkhalm Group
    Property Investments - UK-wide

    Bob’s input on solutions to assist a complex investment sale was central to the ultimate result. He continues to source new opportunities for us & given his track record & my experience of working with him, I look forward to many future transactions.

    David Rose, Director

  • Newhall Publishing Ltd
    National publishing company

    Bob Hyatt’s strategic management advice has been invaluable to us over a long period – not only in respect of property issues, but also in wider commercial matters & opportunities.

    Richard Woolliams, MD

  • Hilbre Estates
    Property portfolio - NorthWest

    Bob has provided a range of professional services on property for us, across the North West, for some years.

    From lettings to problem-solving, & from strategic advice, to property sales. All acquitted to the highest standard.

    Steve Roberts, Director / Karl McKinney, Director

  • Penny Lane Estates
    Investor & Developer

    Bob Hyatt is engaged on seeking investment opportunities for us & also for continuing valuable professional advice on the portfolio.

    Joel Kaitiff, Managing Director

  • Louise Miller
    NorthWest Investor

    Bob Hyatt has provided professional services to us, on a range of retail properties, including quite exceptional action to resolve some difficult Landlord & Tenant issues & also on sales.

    His actions continue to make a difference in demanding circumstances.

    Louise Miller

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