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...Investment acquisition, including strategic management

Sourcing & acquisition of a Leisure/Retail investment in an attractive townscape & noted regional setting.

The latest acquisition for a retained Client in the development of a high-quality, UK-wide portfolio where lot sizes are generally in the region of £1.5m.

The Malvern purchase depended upon resolution of a number of complications; including additional work & negotiations in order to separate the commercial investment from 8 residential flats to the first floor which threatened to burden the property with title, access & management issues.

Hyatt on Property ultimately devised, with Solicitors, innovative measures to ensure a “clear” lease arrangement & no management issues.

The purchase was concluded at satisfactory levels of yield after costs, with a lease to occupiers of a 25-year term.


Hyatt on Property are retained for ongoing services at this & all other properties in the Client’s UK portfolio.

Results on the project demonstrate how Hyatt on Property will identify innovative actions to unlock difficulties on a property to Client advantage & can follow through to effective conclusion.

Reflecting the difficulties for businesses operating on UK high streets, the national tenant Company applied for & achieved a Creditors’ Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).

As part of their strategy & the CVA, the Company closed a number of outlets. The Malvern outlet remained open & is operating normally.

Bob Hyatt, with Solicitors, handled all elements of the CVA on the Client’s behalf; within its terms, he has since negotiated an effective & agreed restoration of rental terms.