Hyatt & Business Data


Hyatt on Property [“Hyatt”] maintain a file of data of business & professional connections & may send emails to these connections, from time to time, regarding properties, business opportunities & market news.

The issuing of this business information is to companies & contacts within those organisations. No personal mailing is undertaken & no personal data files are maintained.

In the same way, Hyatt seek & accept information on properties & business opportunities from other professionals in the sector. Such interchange of information is beneficial & a key to business development in the property sector.

The data used by Hyatt is maintained on a password-protected file & subject to rigorous management control.

Apart from complying with all relevant regulations in regard to data, Hyatt welcome & endorse the latest General Data Protection regulations as they are likely to curtail abuses in data control & to encourage improvements in data security.

Traditionally, Hyatt clients & connections have welcomed the business benefits to be gained from the information that is sent to them; if, at any time, they are concerned & wish to opt out from receiving mailings, they may unsubscribe at any time, as noted on all Hyatt materials.

For whom Hyatt maintains information

Companies/organisations & noted connections within Companies/organisations who are involved in the property sector, or who advise those in the property sector ie: Agents, Developers, Investors & Investment Companies, Solicitors, Accountants, Wealth Managers, Land Agents, Building Surveyors, & Businesses trading in commercial property.

How information is obtained

Information has been collected over many years of business interaction & continues to be obtained, by direct contact, as an ongoing part of the Company’s operation. The data relates to clients & professional connections with whom Hyatt has clear business links & common objectives & with whom, frequently, it enjoys two-way communication.

These are businesses & people with a clear interest in receiving good quality information on properties, business opportunities & general market information as part of their professional operation.

The information that is held

Organisation, name, email address, telephone numbers, & notes on sectors of operation, sometimes an address may be included particularly where multiple locations apply.

Information is held in a password-protected file under the personal supervision & management of Bob Hyatt, who also supervises & manages any usage of the file, including the management of mailings through a mailing system connection.

No other organisation has access to the file & information is not provided to outside parties.

Updating of information

Every email sent features a prominent “unsubscribe” option &, where this is activated, the mailing system automatically excludes such contacts from future mailings.

The system feeds back information on “unsubscribes”, together with any entries where emails may have been “undelivered” &, in turn, the core file is updated to a valid status.

Contact details for Hyatt on Property in regard to Data Management:

Bob Hyatt.
Hyatt on Property.
M: 0772 003 8232

Last updated 19/04/18