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Sale, Cheshire

Sale, Cheshire...

...Development acquisition

The Property – a substantial office site with clear investment & development potential – was sourced by Hyatt to a specific Client brief of development targets.

Bob Hyatt worked directly on the management of the bid process.

Completion was ensured despite significant complexities in the purchase & a shortening of the timescale for the process by the vendors.

Sale, Cheshire

Not an easy acquisition process, where much experience needed to be applied, but a valuable addition to a specific Client portfolio.

Following its acquisition, Bob Hyatt has been engaged on the strategic management & development of the project site towards the end objective of readiness for sale. This has included the management of major change, the negotiation of multiple agreements with a wide range of tenants & resolution of problems arising.

Over an intensive two year period these activities have succeeded in removing all obstacles to the preparation of the site for redevelopment.

Sale, Cheshire
Sale, Cheshire